Forever Like the Moon

89D1AC25-D2BF-4C46-A21F-8E30075F3F08We were coming home one evening and as we turned on to a lovely back road, there before us was the most gorgeous moonrise I had ever seen. There was just enough cloud cover to make the horizon glow in the fading sunset. The harvest moon shone beautifully and brightly across the hayfields. I just had to stop and capture this image.

The moon is an intriguing creation of God. It is both beautiful and useful. Time is marked by it, and tides are caused by it.

“It will be established forever like the moon, the faithful witness in the sky.” Psalm 89:37.

The psalmist here is describing the throne of David and even more specifically, the kingdom of Christ. The moon is always changing, yet always is. Though it increases and declines, it continues to be. Though the people of God change and go through seasons of increase and then seasons of decline, they are established forever by Him. It is because of Him, that as a child of God, I am established forever.

Through the ups and downs of life, the changes, the waxing and waning, He secures and settles me. As the moon is described as a faithful witness, I want to be that too. God’s enduring love and grace give me cause to be His faithful witness.

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