Guidance for Life

7352B2BA-09CF-4DB2-AD99-C19E1B178F59In the Piedmont section of North Carolina stands a lone mountain. It’s an unexpected sight, because it’s quite a distance from the Blue Ridge.

The Saura people, who settled this region in the late 1600’s, called it “Jomeokee,” which meant “Great Guide” or “Pilot.” In later years, after the Native Americans had abandoned this area, German Moravian settlers used Pilot Mountain as a landmark as they journeyed towards their new home, the area now known as Winston-Salem.

With the information and technology available to us today, we have little need for landmarks. They have become merely points of interest, instead of necessary tools for travel. The point remains, however, that we still need guidance to get from one place to another, whether that guidance comes from a cell phone app, a GPS, a map, or a landmark.

“For You are my rock and my fortress; and for Your name’s sake You lead me and guide me.” Psalm 31:3.

More than anything, we need guidance for life. Where can we turn when we don’t know what to do? When we come to a fork in the road? When we run into the storms of adversity, and the way is unclear? We have a sure and present Guide in our God.

As reliable as Pilot Mountain was to generations of weary travelers, our God is much more dependable to us as we journey through life. And according to this verse, we are guaranteed His guidance. The very reputation of God’s name is at stake to deliver His own promise. What an amazing and faithful Heavenly Father we have, who keeps His promises and blesses us with such security.

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