I Love God’s Beautiful World

577DD6FE-0FAC-4F6E-AA19-3D7882766052“🎼God’s beautiful world, God’s beautiful world, I love God’s beautiful world. He made it for you, He made it for me. I love God’s beautiful world.”

In a room full of teeny chairs filled with teeny people came anything but teeny voices. Welcome to my kindergarten Sunday school room. I was only five years old, and I can still remember belting out those lyrics with gusto, along with an old, out of tune piano and my little friends. Our feet may have not been able to reach the floor, but our voices could reach Heaven, as we sang to God, learning and recognizing that He made this beautiful world.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1.

From the beginning of Scripture, the Word of God makes it clear that God created this world. And it just makes sense. Even a child knows and understands that God made this amazing world. My little five year old heart never had a doubt. How could anything with such order and beauty just happen by chance or randomly? And I certainly saw His glory here on the Oregon coast when we visited in the summer of 2015.

Something even more amazing than the beauty of God’s creation is His love- His sacrificial love for you and me through Jesus. I’m so glad to have a God who created the earth and then went to the ends of it to save me from my sins and have a relationship with me.

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