Monuments to God

A8A2E488-C9C9-499B-B6F0-777F1852E3FCTowering above the Northern California landscape are the famous redwood trees. You won’t believe how enormous they are until you actually stand under one and look up. We had the privilege of visiting Redwood National and State Parks in August of 2015.

I come from a land where trees are abundant, but nothing prepared me for the size and scale of these beauties. There is no way to describe these giants of the forest, which are so tall that you cannot see their tops, no matter how hard you try. As we explored the redwood forest, we were mesmerized by the beauty and size of the trees, as well as the ferns that graced this terrain. Quiet and serene, this is a place everyone ought to see once in their lifetime.

“No more thistles, but giant sequoias, no more thornbushes, but stately pines – Monuments to Me, to God, living and lasting evidence of God.” Isaiah 55:13.

All creation points to God, but these massive trees are literal monuments to Him- living, lasting evidence of God. To stand in the midst of these monuments to God is incomprehensible.

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