Soak Up the Rain

270ED608-01EA-4CD1-B8DD-AE930D15DE1DOne day I came upon this beautiful sight after a rainy evening. All night long the rain fell, and even though the sun had finally broken through and was shining brightly the next morning, this beautiful flower was still soaking up the moisture.

“Let My teaching fall like rain and My words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.” Deuteronomy 32:2.

Just as the tender plant soaks up rainfall and dew, I want to soak up the teachings and words of God. I don’t want His instructions to merely bounce off my mind. Instead, I want them to penetrate deeply into the fertile ground of my heart, take root, be nourished, and produce fruit that will glorify Him. Then, like this lovely flower, my life can bring joy to others and praise to God.

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