The Hillsides Blossom with Joy

2AF37D2B-6BC5-483D-AA2E-C0B7993A429CThe spectacular green hills of Oklahoma stretch out endlessly before you from the vantage point of Mt. Scott. It is so pretty up there in every single direction, you really don’t know which way to look. On one side, these endless green hills; on another, rocky promontories stand guard over a valley full of bison, longhorns, prairie dogs, and all kinds of creatures. The road up to the top of Mt. Scott opens up to beautiful western views the entire drive, so you get a good look at every side of the mountain.

These mountains, the Wichitas, are certainly not the biggest we’ve ever visited, but there is definitely something special about them.

“The grasslands of the wilderness become a lush pasture, and the hillsides blossom with joy.” Psalm 65:12.

The Rockies and the Cascades reach majestically through the clouds toward Heaven. The Smokies and Blue Ridge cloak themselves in an array of brilliant color and look different every season. I can’t get enough of them. And then there’s the green hillsides and the lush grasslands of Oklahoma. When I’m here, I can’t help but join them in a song of joy and praise to my God!

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