Their Rock Is Not Like Our Rock

1617B283-4D18-4FF2-9A29-CF36BDB0E31EMonument Valley is the iconic western destination. It’s a surreal landscape where heroes are born and legends are made. This Land of the Navajo is more breathtaking than any picture of it you will ever see. It truly is a place you have to experience to believe.

You know, there’s a rock – and then there’s a ROCK! And these are ROCKS! They far surpassed in size and scale any rock I had ever seen that surprisingly comfortable day we visited in the summer of 2014.

“For their rock is not like our Rock, as even our enemies concede.” Deuteronomy 32:31.

In this passage, Moses is addressing the Israelites for the last time. He is reminding them, encouraging them, persuading them to cleave to God. He is their only refuge, just as He is our only refuge, our only salvation.

In the day of trouble, I don’t want to run to a rock which will disintegrate into sand. I want a Rock in whom I can cling to, hide in, and in whom I can anchor my soul. That Rock is none other than my God.

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