Thunderstorms in the Desert

23EEEDC8-4764-4D0C-866A-BFA8D161EE50Arches National Park: Nothing prepared us for the awesome beauty and majesty within its boundaries when we visited in August of 2014. Brilliant scarlet spires and crimson arches reached towards the sky. Vast desert expanses gave way to views of the La Sal Mountains to the east and the western horizon. Although we visited the American Southwest at the hottest time of year, our time here was blessed by cooler than normal weather and refreshing, short-lived thunderstorms.

“I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.” Isaiah 48:18.

As amazing as experiencing a desert thunderstorm was, nothing compares to the refreshment of the Lord’s Presence in our lives. He brings relief and comfort to our weary and parched souls.

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