Wait for the Lord

23570920-9FA3-4B8E-9F43-6FCCFF2BF15DThis is one of my favorites of all the photos I have taken on our travel adventures. It was the last day of our Yellowstone/Grand Teton Road Trip, and we were getting ready to begin the 2000 mile trip back home. There was a faster and more direct way to get started. But it rained our first day in Grand Teton, and it was pretty foggy and misty our second day, and we had been waiting to see the Tetons in their full glory. We had driven a long way and didn’t want to leave without witnessing that.

So on our last morning there, we woke up to the sun rising and decided to go back into the Park and therefore, take a longer way home. We wanted to see the Tetons in all their grandeur, their peaks rising high above the morning mist, and we were not disappointed.

The sun was still concealed by the mountains to our east, and so the valley floor was covered in shadow. But the sun was already shining on the Tetons and the golden tree line below them. The tendrils of morning mist just added to the beauty, and we were just awed by the amazement of God’s creation. It was worth the three day wait for this glorious sight!

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD..” Psalm 27:14.

Some things are just worth the wait. In this verse, David is basically talking to himself. Have you ever done that? He is encouraging himself to be strong and have faith- not in himself, but in the Lord. He is reminding himself of who he is waiting on.

In the verse right before this one, David confesses that he would despair if he didn’t believe in the goodness of God. He goes on to remind himself to wait on God, and while he is waiting, to be strong. The Hebrew word for wait in this verse implies expectancy and hope. As David waited, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that God could be trusted.

What are you waiting on today? Remind yourself, like David did, that you have a God you can trust and who will come through for you at just the right moment.

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