Where Were You?

A9EC4F72-73F3-4583-96BD-85C366FEAC93As we were making our way west towards Yellowstone in September of 2016, we wanted to take advantage of other scenic drives that were on the way. We were not looking for the fastest way, but wanted to traverse roads less traveled. I had already researched enough to learn of the Bighorn Mountains Scenic Byway and of course, the more famous Beartooth All-American Highway, but we needed a route to connect the two. So I pulled out my old trusty maps and began investigating. That’s when I came upon the Chief Joseph Scenic Drive.

To our surprise and utter delight, this wonderful road was much more than a connector; it was a destination in itself. Rugged mountains in an array of greens and blues graced the horizon as far as the eye could see. Add dizzying heights, rushing waterfalls, and massive canyons to the mix, and you have the perfect drive.

I love to go to the “can’t miss” locations, such as Yellowstone. But I think my favorite part of traveling is finding a “new favorite,” a place I never knew existed, but just as wonderful as the ones I’ve heard about all my life.

“Where were you when I established the earth?” Job 38:4a.

I love this conversation between God and Job in Scripture. It reminds me of how awesome, wise, mighty, and powerful God is and how small and minuscule I am. This conversation puts my life in perspective. Something new to me is never new to God. Unlike me, nothing ever catches Him by surprise. Therefore I can live every single day, trusting Him- knowing that He will be there for me through the unexpected.

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