God Does Whatever He Pleases

CBDE25C3-6738-4A99-939D-2826846339FBLake Superior: the biggest freshwater lake on the entire planet. It boasts an average depth of 483 feet, and its deepest point is 1,332 feet deep. Twenty percent of the world’s fresh surface water is contained here. And get this: Lake Superior is so large and so deep that it can hold all the other Great Lakes together, plus three Lake Eries.

It is a monster of a lake and has claimed the lives of thousands. It is also beautiful, peaceful, and mesmerizing. It seems to have a personality all its own and can change moods quickly.

“The LORD does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.” Psalm 135:6.

Just like this massive body of water cannot be controlled, neither can the Lord. He does what He pleases. He is the Creator of natural law, and it pleases Him to see the routine courses in action, such as the twenty-four hour rotation of the earth on its axis or the 365 day revolution of the earth around the sun. Or the four seasons, with all their diverse beauty or the laws of aerodynamics in the flock of birds passing by overhead.

But He can break in at anytime He pleases to disrupt the usual. Such as when He parted the Red Sea to let His people cross over, or when a wondrous star appeared in the sky to tell of the birth of His Son. Or the biggest miracle of all – that the Almighty God of this universe would stoop to hear our cries and see our need, and that He would endure the shame and humiliation we deserve to save us from our sins, give us purpose in this life, and bless us with eternity in Heaven.

He is a magnificent God, so worthy of our worship and adoration. There is no other like Him.

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