Heavy Clouds


The Northern California coast is often blanketed by low lying clouds and fog. This cool and humid weather is the perfect environment for the redwood forests to flourish. This part of the coast is lush, with foliage and flowers growing right down to the beach and majestic redwood forests covering the landscape.

“He wraps up the waters in his clouds, yet the clouds do not burst under their weight.” Job 26:8.

In His wisdom and by His power, God knows exactly what His creation needs. He takes care of His creation, whether it is a fog shrouded redwood coast, new life in a birds’ nest, or you and me.

These redwood coastlands could not thrive were it not for this precise environment. Although at first, we may not see the value in this foggy, moist climate, these forests certainly benefit from it.

This is true of our lives also. We may go through some situations which, in our minds, do not benefit us at face value. They may even seem disastrous and heartbreaking. Some of these we may bring on ourselves, and others may be totally out of our control. But if we will trust the Lord as we go through them, we will find that even the most painful of circumstances can be used of Him and cause us to grow and eventually even thrive.

Just like these California clouds, sometimes the difficulties we face may seem so heavy, they may just burst under their weight. But they don’t. God, in His wisdom and power weighs them, knows their limits, and controls them. And that’s why we can trust Him with our lives.

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