His Greatest Work


The first time you see Devil’s Tower jutting up into the Wyoming sky, it’s overwhelming. Here, in the middle of nowhere, this amazing monolith rises to the sky. There are all kinds of explanations for why it’s here, but I believe God, our great Creator, just decided He wanted a huge rock right here.

This amazing tower is 867 feet from its base to its summit. Did you know the top of it is about the size of a football field and contains an entire ecosystem? Shrubs and grasses, snakes, mice, pack rats, and chipmunks, along with birds of prey, all live way up there. It’s an astonishing place that only God could have created.

“Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom.” Psalm 145:3.

The more I study God’s Word and the more I see of His creation, the more I agree with the Psalmist – His greatness is truly more than I can fathom. Everywhere I go, His glory is evident. Mountains, oceans, canyons, rivers, wildlife, weather. All are His magnificent works, and He is worthy of our greatest praise.

But do you know what His greatest work of all time is? It’s the work of our redemption. He recognized that humanity was in desperate need of a Savior and lovingly responded by sending His only precious Son, Jesus Christ, to take away my sin and yours.

My hope is to encourage you to get out and enjoy all the beautiful works of God’s creation, but my greatest hope is that you will experience His most wonderful work of all – forgiveness of your sins and an eternal relationship with Him.

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