How to Win Life


How can these beautiful little purple flowers grow right out of this red rock? How does something so seemingly tender and fragile thrive in such a harsh environment? No protection, no nourishment, little water. But here they are, evidence that they are perfectly suited for this environment, as unlikely as that may seem.

We came upon this lovely sight while exploring the beautiful canyons and badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and I was surprised to see them here. Maybe in the nearby prairie, which is home to an almost infinite variety of plant life. But not here.

“Stand firm, and you will win life.” Luke 21:19.

Just as these brave little flowers stand up against the harshness of their circumstances and still manage to thrive, believers in Christ can do the same. Through Him, we can actually stand against the bitter winds that blow, the coldness of adversity, and the hardships of life. And we cannot only stand. We can flourish.

As we patiently endure affliction, persecution, and reproach, through Christ’s strength and enabling, we can actually have joy in the midst of it all.

Just like these lovely purple flowers bring beauty to their rocky home, our lives of faith can bring beauty and hope to difficult people and difficult circumstances, and we can be a blessing in spite of adversity.

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