My Hiding Place


Have you ever felt like you wanted to just get away from everything and hide? Well, you wouldn’t be the first one. This would be a good place to do it.

This secluded cave is hidden from sight along the rocky Oregon coastline. Oregon, as well as much of the Pacific coast, contains multiple sea caves. These caves are formed by the power of the ocean as it continually crashes against weak places in the coastal cliffs.

“You are my hiding place; You will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” Psalm 32:7.

No one knew better than David that there was only One hiding place who was sufficient – the Lord God Himself.

This verse is taken from a chapter in the book of Psalms known as a “maschil” psalm. There are thirteen of these psalms, and they are actually teaching songs, or instruction put to music. There are times in our lives when the waves of sin and adversity crash against us. Our resolve weakens and it becomes almost impossible to stand against the force.

Like David, the writer of this Psalm, we need a place of refuge. He is teaching us through this psalm that we need to look to our God to rescue us, surround us, and give us peace. He is the only One who can truly protect us and deliver us from harm.

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