Our Great Highway

3BAF5A8F-C57F-4212-B119-667F7E5DF713There is not a more beautiful road than the Blue Ridge Parkway. For four hundred and sixty-nine miles, it meanders through the Blue Ridge Mountains, beginning in Virginia and ending in North Carolina, near the Smoky Mountains. It carries you through the heights and depths of these gorgeous mountains, in and out of towns and cities, through deep forests, open valleys, and to numerous overlooks that will take your breath away.

These mountains were an impediment to early Americans, who risked their lives to cross them. How amazed they would be at the ease with which we navigate them today.

“I will make all My mountains into roads, and My highways will be raised up.” Isaiah 49:11.

As amazing as this construction marvel is, it pales in comparison to the Way our God has made for us to have salvation. He has removed all obstructions, making the impossible possible through His Son, Jesus Christ. Through Jesus, He has leveled His mountains and raised His highways, and now there is provided forgiveness for our sins and access to a relationship with Him. Christ is our great highway, and through Him, there are no more barriers to forgiveness and to a relationship with God.

Come to Him today. Realize that you are a sinner, just as I am a sinner. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and surrender your life to Him today. This is the best choice you will ever make. It’s definitely the best one I’ve ever made.

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