Proclaim His Praise in the Islands

05B9D2BE-C65C-458C-9131-FFF833433876Sugarloaf Mountain, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, overlooks gorgeous Lake Superior and the area around Marquette. While on the moderate hike that led to this spot, we were entertained by cute little squirrels and chipmunks, beautiful foliage, pretty views, birds singing cheerfully, and some friendly people.

But the summit and views from the observation decks were definitely the highlight of the afternoon. You can basically see 360 degrees around the mountaintop, although you need to walk to different viewing platforms to do so.

From the pinnacle of Sugarloaf, you can see the Huron Mountains, deep forests, the city of Marquette, and mysterious Lake Superior with its rocky coastline and emerald islands.

“Let them give glory to the LORD and proclaim His praise in the islands.” Isaiah 42:12.

God is worthy of praise in every corner of the creation. On the highest mountaintops, in the deepest sea, from the furthest land, and from the most remote islands.

More than once in this part of Isaiah, “islands” or “coastlands” are mentioned. Some Bible scholars believe this may be because, in the future, Christianity would enjoy some of its earliest and most lasting victories in these areas. Islands in this day and time were distant, remote and isolated. Yet, they are not to miss the opportunity to proclaim the praise of the Lord. This verse is a reminder to me that I must give glory to God wherever I am and in whatever circumstance I find myself.

Where do you find yourself today? Are you in a season of isolation and loneliness? Are you enduring trials and afflictions? Or perhaps you are going through a season of restoration, rest, and redemption? No matter what, you have the privilege and opportunity to give God glory.

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