The Darker Things Look, the Brighter He Shines


This has to be one of my favorite photos I’ve ever had opportunity to capture. We had planned to go to Badlands National Park to see the sunset and were extremely disappointed to see the clouds had gathered and were covering up the sun. However we decided to stay because we thought the developing thunderstorm might be interesting to watch. And it was.

Bolts of lightning streaked across the distant and darkening horizon. Thunder echoed across the prairie sky.

From the safety of our car we watched in awe, trying to capture a bolt of lightning with our cameras. Finally, success! I couldn’t believe it when I finally captured the elusive lightning as it struck a pinnacle. God’s awesome creation of lightning was captured on my camera!

“See how He scatters His lightning about Him, bathing the depths of the sea.” Job 36:30.

Seeing a bolt of bright lightning coming from an ominous dark cloud reminds me that God brings light to the darkest of circumstances. The darker the Badlands sky grew, the brighter the lightning seemed to flash.

God is like that. He shines brightly in the foreboding valleys we often have to traverse. He faithfully leads us through bleak seasons that seem to hold little radiance of their own. He is our Light in a very dark world.

This picture of a stormy evening in the Badlands reminds me that the darker things look, the brighter He shines.

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