The Light Approaches

ED6BEA30-C275-4951-B657-88AA3DC9E784A curious mind plus a great roadmap equals a superb adventure every time. I can’t help but wonder as we travel from one place to another what might be down this road, what amazing discovery lies beyond that next hill, what awesome beauty might be found by taking the less traveled path? So that is often what we do. And we have rarely been disappointed.

Take this gorgeous scenic byway that we opted for instead of the suggested route, which was the quicker and busier interstate. Highway 128 meandered through Utah canyon country, following the path of the Colorado River. The canyons were striking features towering above the river and the roadway, and the sun rays and shadows put on a beautiful display.

“As the light approaches, the earth takes shape like clay pressed beneath a seal; it is robed in brilliant colors.” Job 38:14.

God is giving Job a well deserved earful at this moment in Scripture. Job has been questioning God. After patiently listening, God silences Job by turning everything around. He asks a series of questions Himself that leads Job to eventually conclude that God is the only wise One. In this particular verse, the focus is on how light affects the appearance of the earth.

Just like the sun rays that dance across this canyon, constantly revealing new features as the light changes, God, in His wisdom, chooses to reveal some things to us. At other times, features remain hidden in the shadows, as God sometimes chooses to leave things in our lives unexplained.

Like Job, we are often tempted to question God. However, God’s wisdom supersedes any question we could ever ask. Thankfully, He is patient as we work through difficulties and challenges and welcomes us to share our struggles and questions with Him in reverence. But, I pray that in the end, like Job, we will ultimately trust His wisdom and judgment and worship Him without hesitation.

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