True Freedom


Freedom. Moms and dads gathered up their little children and loaded them on big boats, leaving everything and everyone behind, to sail across an ocean in search of it. Countries sacrifice their best and brightest, their sons and daughters, to secure it. Men and women voluntarily give up their very lives for others to enjoy it. How can we ever say “thank you” sufficiently?

Freedom is a blessing we live with constantly in this country, yet we are not always aware of what that means or of how we gained and maintain it. As we go freely about our day to day lives, making both big and little decisions that we feel are best for ourselves and for those we love, we often take the freedom to do that for granted.

But that ability came with a cost, a huge cost. It came because a young man or woman believed your freedom, my freedom, was actually more important than their own life. It came because someone took a risk for freedom. It came because a society values freedom so much that it will make sacrifices to ensure it. It came because a mom and dad, a young wife or husband, is willing to keep the home fires burning. So thank you.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” Galatians 5:1a.

Greater than any freedom a country or society can offer is the freedom Christ offers. The freedom from sin and the freedom to live an abundant life, regardless of your circumstances.

There are people who live in the most brutal of societies- and yet those individuals know freedom, because of Christ. This is eternal freedom- the kind that outlasts the nations and rulers of this world, the empires that rise and fall, the circumstances that we face. This is a freedom that will never die.

And it came at the highest cost of all – the sacrifice of God’s only, precious Son. He gave His life so that we might have true freedom, the kind that lasts forever.

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