When Stones Cry Out

40AD0AB3-5260-48CC-81B2-906B434A8B5AArches National Park in Utah is filled with one amazing rock formation after another. Here, a series of arches; there huge monoliths reaching towards the sky. These rocks, called fins, appear almost like a choir, lined up and ready to shout praise to our Heavenly Father. When we visited in the summer of 2014, this sight reminded me of an encounter between Jesus and the Pharisees.

“‘I tell you,’ He replied, ‘if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.'” Luke 19:40.

This happened on what we refer to as Palm Sunday. Jesus was entering Jerusalem on a colt. The crowds began to lay their cloaks down on the road as He passed by, and all of His followers began to praise and glorify Him. The Pharisees demanded that Jesus rebuke His followers and tell them to be quiet. The statement in this verse was His response.

As I look at these rocks, I surely don’t want them to out praise me. Has the Lord created them in His image? Has He blessed them with life? Has He sacrificed His one and only beloved Son for their behalf? I owe so much to the Lord, and I want to live a life that brings Him glory, honor, and praise.

Lord, help me do what You created me to do and proclaim Your praise, so that the rocks won’t have to.

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