When Flowers Appear


The first flowers of spring always bring me joy and hope. The cold and barrenness of winter is over, and its time for new life and new growth.

We happened to be in the Tetons when spring was bursting forth in all its glory. Yes, there was still snow on the peaks to remind us that winter was trying to hold on. But these first little wildflowers stubbornly refused to be intimidated and were everywhere, brightening the valley floor with their sunny golden attire. These arrowleaf balsam roots are members of the sunflower family and are common in cold, dry areas of the West, brightening up many a mountain field at just the time it seems winter may never end.

“Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.” Song of Solomon 2:12.

Just as God awakens the flowers in the springtime to fulfill His purpose after a wintry season, He does the same for us. We go through times of spiritual lifelessness and drought, when we may not even sense His presence. But seasons have a purpose – even seasons we may perceive are fruitless. They are seasons of preparation and rest, and they are needed to make us ready for what the Lord has next for us.

As the first flowers appear, so does the sound of singing and of doves. We return to the fruitfulness of laboring for Christ, which leads to songs of joy and praise!

He never forgets us! He is always working, even when it feels like winter. He will come again, we will bask in the sunshine of His presence, like the sweet arrowleaf balsamroots after a long, cold winter.

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