Morning Is The Best


When you catch the Badlands at sunrise, you gain a lot more than that, and the only thing you’ll lose is a little sleep. But hey, you can go back to your hotel and take a nap. And you’ll never forget the absolute awesomeness of having this amazing landscape to yourself (except for a few photographers and a family or two of bighorn sheep).

There are lots of reasons to get on up early. For one thing, the Badlands turn into a wonderful world of color around sunrise and sunset. The higher the sun rises, the less color you see (although they are still wondrous).

It’s also so peaceful and quiet. It’s like you’re the only one in the whole world who is up. The wildlife are up early too. You’ll see a lot more of them wandering about, looking for breakfast. Morning is a special time, and it’s super special in our National Parks.

“In the morning, LORD, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait expectantly.” Psalm 5:3.

We miss a lot when we sleep through the morning. We miss sunrises and quiet and peace.

But we especially miss hearing from the Lord and receiving His wisdom and direction for our day. We miss the opportunity for God to hear from us and to lay our requests before Him. We miss asking for His protection over ourselves and those we love.

Morning is the best time to pray. Anytime is a good time, but morning is best. That time with God affects the rest of our day. It affects our mindset, our behavior, our decisions.

Our early morning in the Badlands “colored” the rest of our time there. Their complexity and variety were revealed to us in a way that later visitors were not privy to. We saw them differently because we had seen them in the magnificence of morning.

In a similar way, our early mornings with God “color” the rest of our day, revealing wisdom and direction from His Word that we may miss later in the day. How can your mornings make a difference in your life?

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