Traveling Light

traveling light

We recently returned from an awesome trip to the West. We like to move fast and see lots, so we ventured from the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming over to the Dakotas – to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota and the Badlands/Black Hills area of South Dakota. We saw a lot in a little bit of time, and it was fantastic!

One of the secrets to the success of a quick moving trip is in what you take. Because you are going to lug it around a lot. This time, I challenged myself to travel light and take only two items – my purse and a tote bag. My husband took only a small carry-on suitcase.

Several people wanted to know how it went and would we do it again. The answer is most definitely yes! It was so great to pick up and move quickly and easily. Our trip involved a plane ride, and this made traveling through the airport almost seamless. Yes, we washed out some things and wore the same thing A LOT! But who cares? The trade offs were so worth it. As we passed fellow travelers in the hotel lobbies, huffing, puffing and irritated at each other with their carts loaded down with stuff, we just smiled at each other. Because we have been there and done that – plenty of times! And it felt so good to just move freely about without encumbrance.

Another benefit to traveling light is that you just feel more organized. My husband is always organized, but I lose track of things easily. Taking less stuff enabled me to keep up with everything easily. I knew where things were. It took very little time to get my act together between hotels.

So what were in these bags? I packed three tops, two pairs of pants, pjs, five pairs of socks, five sets of unmentionables, an extra pair of shoes, a rain poncho, makeup, hair stuff, medications, extra glasses, charger, and hygiene items were safely tucked away in these two bags. I wore a light weight sweater on the plane and carried a light weight jacket. Could I have gotten away with less? Yes! And I will share that with you later. I really did not need all that I took.

So yes, we will travel light again. It is our “new favorite!”

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