God Looks Down


I had never flown across this entire country until 2015, and it just amazed me. God’s creativity and order were so evident from the skies, as well as from the land.

The topography changes I saw were wondrous. The beautiful forest covered east gave way to the patchwork quilt-like heartland. How do they get those fields so straight? Then came the Rockies – and then land so barren and remote it looked like the surface of the moon. Finally, green emerged again as we got closer to the Pacific Northwest.

When you fly, your perspective of the world changes, and you realize just how small you are and just how great God is. And yet…

“God looks down from heaven on all mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.” Psalm 53:2.

God, in all of His glory and all of His majesty and all of His worthiness, looks down. He looks down from heaven, where He is continually worshiped, to a world that rejects Him. He looks down from heaven on all mankind – each of us – to see who has a heart for Him.

Who will respond to His overwhelming acts of mercy, grace, and love? Who will accept His pursuit of a loving and everlasting relationship with Him? Who will give up their own agenda to yield their lives and futures to the One who is all-wise and has the perfect plan for them?

When I picture the God of all this universe turning away from the praise and worship of all heaven to look down, I am amazed and humbled. How can I ever again go on with my regularly scheduled life, pursuing my own ideas of happiness and fulfillment? How can I not be affected by this Divine Love?

Lord, forgive me for having such a narrow view of my life. I want to be one who puts down my own agenda and looks up to You, as You look down on me.

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