Whatever Pleases Him


I don’t know why, but there is something comforting about coming to the end of yourself and throwing yourself upon the Lord. This usually happens after great adversity.

Up until then, we mistakenly think we have some amount of control of our lives. We have desires and dreams, goals and plans. And we spend our days trying to make those things happen. There’s not really anything wrong with that per se, but it can lead to the false assumption that we really have some amount of control over our lives or that we are the “master of our destiny.” And that’s just not true.

“The LORD does whatever pleases Him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.” Psalm 135:6.

At first glance, this verse may seem intimidating. It may even seem as if we don’t stand a chance. God does what pleases Him, and that may not always please me. Sometimes what He does may not make sense and may even seem harsh. However, He is the Creator and Ruler of all that we see, and He also sees what we do not see.

It’s a good thing that what pleases God is always, always what is in my best interest. The more I come to know Him and the longer I walk with Him, the more I realize what pleases Him and what is best for me are truly inseparable.

Adversity causes me to come to the end of myself, give up my own ideas and ways of doing things, and throw myself upon His mercy. And never once has He rejected or abandoned me. I am safe in the arms of God.

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