I Am Lonely


I’ve always loved to see one lone tree on the prairie. I don’t know why. Maybe I identify. Maybe we all identify. As we drove through the prairie of South Dakota, we saw several scenes like this one, full of haunting and desolate beauty.

“Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.” Psalm 25:16.

We’ve all been there – in a place where there seems to be no one else. Not that anyone else would help. The psalmist here is desperate for the presence of only one – and that One is God. The writer doesn’t rely upon his own merits or accomplishments to get the Almighty’s attention, but instead throws himself upon the mercy of God.

When we sin, when we are disappointed, when we are pursued by trouble, when adversity hunts us down, when we are lonely, there is no one else who satisfies. No one else who can even begin to meet our deepest needs. And certainly no one else who truly understands and cares.

But Jesus does. After all, He’s been there – alone in Gethsemane, alone on Calvary. He’s been denied and betrayed and mocked and cursed. He sympathizes with us, and as we cry out to Him, He hears us. And no matter how we may feel, when we invite Christ into our lives, we are never truly alone.

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