His Path, His Name


When we saw this path in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we decided to venture down it for a while. It was intriguing and looked like an interesting place to spend a few minutes.

However, it wasn’t long until we decided we had had enough. It appeared to be entering some terrain we weren’t quite prepared for. There were some possible risks associated with what lay ahead. So, we had the luxury of turning around and retracing our steps, and then moving on to the next point of interest.

Perhaps it would be nice if all of life were that easy. But it’s not.

“He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.” Psalm 23:3b.

God is calling me to walk down a path. I don’t really want to go. It looks scary. There are some risks if I follow Him down it. But it’s the one with His Name on it.

God attaches His Name to the path He takes us down. His entire reputation as a faithful and loving God is at stake as we trust, follow, and obey Him. He is not fearful of the outcome or the destination of this path.

We may think we have everything to lose when we follow God, but do we really? According to this verse, it is actually God – His Name and reputation- who is taking responsibility. All His attributes- His faithfulness, mercy, lovingkindness, wisdom, omniscience- are on the line.

God is leading me down this path. I don’t want to go. But when I read His Word and see that this direction is guaranteed by the God of all creation, I can’t do anything else. Why would I want to? He’s led me down paths I didn’t want to go before. Yet each of them brought much good to my life. And in hindsight, the paths I preferred were full of dangers, toils, and snares that I didn’t see, but He did.

So though this is a most unappealing path right now, and though there are a hundred other directions I would prefer to head, I will go down this one, the one that is guaranteed by Almighty God.

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