The Third Day


There is something about the third day. The third day after tragedy. You turn a corner. Your perspective begins to change. Hope begins to settle back in your soul. Hope that maybe things may turn out better than you ever dreamed.

It’s a radical, reckless hope that dares to show up in the middle of a place that doesn’t welcome it. It doesn’t care. It shows up anyway. It breaks through the darkness like this sunrise over Lake Superior, washing the entire landscape with light.

This hope is not based upon yourself. It can’t be. If it were, it would come and go like the waves of the sea. This hope comes from the Lord, the One who made the waves of the sea.

“After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will restore us, that we may live in His presence.” Hosea 6:2.

The Lord never leaves us in our broken state. He always, always picks us up out of the dust, revives us, and restores us. Like this Lake Superior sunrise scattered the darkness of the previous night, Christ scatters the darkness of our souls and our circumstances.

Wait for the third day. After all, when the world seemed the darkest and most hopeless, Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day to conquer darkness and hopelessness forever.

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