The Wonders of the Storm


These little purple wildflowers were so pretty the day we saw them while driving along a scenic Virginia river road. They stood so close to the dangers of the overflowing James River right after flooding rains. So many dangers so close to them, yet they remained untouched.

Does that mean they were not affected by the rains? No, they had to endure rain and wind on end for days. Yet the elements did not destroy them. In fact, they were the better for the storm. Strong and bright and beautiful. After all, they wilt in too much sunshine.

“Do not let the floodwaters engulf me or the depths swallow me up or the pit close its mouth over me.” Psalm 69:15.

These tender, seemingly frail, little flowers are a reminder to me of those who trust in the Lord. So often God’s children are close to danger, even danger that could destroy them. They often persevere under extremely difficult circumstances. They feel the pelting rains of adversity. The winds of affliction blow over them, nearly causing them to break. The darkness overtakes them. The flood waters approach.

But it doesn’t last forever. Soon, the clouds break, and the storm moves on. The wind stops, the sun comes out, and the flood recedes. They know their God has once again rescued them.

And then they realize something wonderful. God used all the elements of that storm to benefit them – to make them stronger and more brilliant than ever. They have grown – not in spite of the storm, but because of it.

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