Live as People Who Are Free


We came upon this stunning sight on the morning of September 11, 2017 while traveling through the beautiful little Lake Michigan town of Charlevoix. The flag, flying at half-mast, stood beautifully and solemnly against the backdrop of clear blue sky and water, with the lovely red Charlevoix South Pier Light Station in the distance. It was a strangely quiet morning, as if all creation knew what a solemn anniversary was being recognized that day.

Freedom. What lengths have been gone to to attain it. What sacrifices have been made to maintain it. How many lives have been given so that other lives may enjoy it and benefit from it? And yet, do we really know what freedom is?

“Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.” 1 Peter 2:16.

The source of all freedom is God and all freedom originates from Him. True freedom comes from knowing Christ, and though one may live in a free country, he/she cannot truly experience freedom apart from a relationship with Him.

This Christian freedom displays itself, not in license to do whatever we please, but in willing obedience to legitimate authorities, which are ordained by God. We are free to live lives that honor God, bring dignity to others, and respect our leaders and the laws of our land. The freedom Christ gives means freedom from sin and from that which would destroy us and those we love. It also means we are free to live the abundant lives God intends us to live.

Today, I am thankful to God to live in a free nation, but I’m more thankful to Him for the authentic freedom He has provided through Christ.

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