It Flows Between the Mountains


We often take so much about our lives and our surroundings for granted. We are so blessed with so much abundance, and we grow accustomed to it. However, everything we see and enjoy is a gift from God to us, even the natural elements that are so essential to our well being.

God blesses the land with water. It’s a provision from Him and a gift we often overlook. Here in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, there are many creatures who are dependent on God’s provision and divine goodness.

“He makes springs pour water into the ravines; it flows between the mountains.” Psalm 104:10.

Just as the Lord attends to the needs of the land and the animals, He meets our needs also. Many times He provides in ways we are unaware of. I have to ask myself these questions: Was I able to get up this morning? Shower? Dress? Eat? Fulfill responsibilities? Did I arrive safely to all destinations? Did I have money to make purchases and pay bills? Do I have a place to call home and a bed to sleep in? Do I have family and friends who care for me? Where did all this come from? By my own ingenuity? I think not.

If God were to remove His compassionate hand from me for one second, I would perish. And even more gracious than all these resources is His gift of forgiveness and salvation to me. He is the Living Water, Who generously pours out His presence in my life.

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