The Eye of a Needle


The Needles Eye Tunnel, on Needles Highway, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, is an unbelievable engineering accomplishment. It is the most narrow tunnel in the state and is part of the Needles Highway, completed in 1922.

It’s hard to comprehend the ingenuity behind such a structure, which was mapped out a hundred years ago by former South Dakota Governor Peter Norbeck. He marked the entire course on foot and by horseback.

The determined genius of mankind and the glorious creative power of God cannot be denied when you visit the Needles Eye Tunnel. Seeing this tunnel is made me think of this verse:

“In fact, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!” Luke 18:25.

How often do we come to Jesus thinking we have something to offer Him, like the rich young man Jesus is talking with in this verse. Here, it’s obvious that we have nothing, no matter how much we have.

It’s easy in our culture of materialism to think we are secure if we have enough. Secure in status, secure in relationships, secure in salvation. But it’s obvious in this verse that we are all poverty stricken. Nothing we own can obtain salvation for us.

We have to come to God on His terms, and what are they? Absolute utter abandonment of who we are and what we have. We all stand needy before Him – needy of forgiveness and mercy and grace and salvation. It’s only through recognizing our complete neediness and realizing that He is the only One who can meet our needs that we can receive all He has to offer – salvation and abundant life.

A few verses down from this one, Jesus clarifies that what is impossible for us is possible with Him. There’s nothing we have that’s worth missing a relationship with Him for. What are you holding onto today that is standing in the way of your relationship with God?

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