Drawing Water


Sylvan Lake, in South Dakota’s Custer State Park, is a gorgeous blue body of water surrounded by interesting rock formations. What is wonderful about visiting this lake is the 1.1 mile pathway that goes all around the perimeter. The lake looks different with every step you take, and if you use your imagination, you can see all kinds of images in the rock formations.

“With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” Isaiah 12:3.

Water brings refreshment, and the picturesque language used here is worded this way for a reason. The original audience hearing this promise was from a hot, dry country. How refreshing the thought of drawing water must have been to these people. What an occasion for joy!

But the well that is spoken of here is not just any well. It is an inexhaustible well, where those who will come are invited to come on a continual basis. It is the well of salvation, and for those who choose to come, the invitation never ends. You can never wear out your welcome.

How many places can you go to and never tire? As much as I love to go places, I’ve found there is only one I never get tired of, and that’s the well of salvation.

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