The Dreams that Get Us into Trouble


When the evening comes, I begin to start thinking about sleep. What should I eat or drink that won’t keep me up all night? What can I read that will comfort and relax me. Is there anything I need to do or say before this day is over?

Nighttime is the time of dreams, and we all would prefer sweet ones. But no matter how sweet or fearful our dreams of the night are, they eventually fade as we go through the next day. Daytime is also a time of dreams, and these are the dreams that get us into trouble.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8.

Do you know that God loves you and that He has dreams for you? Sometimes we forget that. We make our dreams, and the pursuit of them, the focus of our lives. These daytime dreams can be dreams for the perfect mate, the perfect job, lots of money, a gorgeous home, or a life of unlimited travel.

But our daytime dreams can also be based on Scripture: God-honoring children who never make bad decisions, fruitful ministries that change lives, a godly marriage that’s a role model for others, enough money to be able to give to ministries, a job that’s more like a mission field. And when those dreams and our pursuit of them blows apart, we’re left wondering. What kind of God is this who would let my godly dreams die?

This is where we get in trouble. Because God has dreams for you too, and they are dreams that are hard to grasp hold of – until our own dreams die. Even our good dreams, however biblical and godly they may be, can get in the way of what God has dreamed for us. Sometimes it’s not the dream itself, but the priority we have placed on it, that becomes the problem. We become so busy with working towards these dreams that we leave little room for God.

In this journey called life, let’s not be surprised when some of our most godly, noble and cherished dreams shatter. God is doing something bigger and better than we could ever imagine, and sometimes He has to move us, and our dreams, out of the way.

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