Don’t Lose Hope in Your Prison


There’s more to the national park system than the well-known parks we all know and love. There are also beautiful, but less famous, national monuments and national historical parks.

This is the Appomattox County Jail, at Appomattox National Historic Park in Virginia. Construction on this jail began in 1860, was disrupted due to the Civil War, and was finally completed in 1867. A jail is a place where you’ll find all kinds of people, but you don’t expect to find a prophet of the Lord there.

“While Jeremiah was still confined in the courtyard of the guard, the word of the LORD came to him a second time.” Jeremiah 33:1.

Jeremiah, the prophet, was imprisoned by the Babylonians when his people were in exile. What must it feel like to be doing exactly what the Lord called you to do, and as a result, you end up in prison? Baffling, confusing, lonely? However, God was with him, and though the prophet of the Lord was confined, the Word of the Lord was not! Jeremiah could not go do the work of the Lord, so the Lord came to him in prison – again and again and again – to give him His Word, which is still available to us today!

Are you facing a prison of your own today? Perhaps disappointment in your marriage, trouble with your children, adversity in your job, challenges in your finances? Maybe loneliness or infertility or betrayal? There is a myriad of situations that we face in life in which we may see no way out.

If that is where you are today, remember the prophet Jeremiah. Although he faced a literal prison in the presence of enemies, God came to him, spoke to him in the midst of affliction, and gave him a message that would speak to every generation. Don’t lose hope in your prison. Look for and listen to God, and then share His message with the world.

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