Our Source Never Runs Dry


Multnomah Falls, in Oregon’s amazing Columbia River Gorge, is 611 feet of icy liquid beauty. It is so tall that it’s difficult to get the entire waterfall in one photograph. It is one of several gorgeous waterfalls along the historic Columbia Gorge Scenic Byway.

Something unique about this waterfall is that, unlike many of the West’s well-known waterfalls, it does not dry up during the late summer. It is always flowing, due to its dependable sources – rainwater, an underground spring and snow melt, which supply the falls through all four seasons and ensure a spectacular sight any day of the year.

“Whoever believes in Me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38.

When there is an endless source of water, a waterfall will never run dry. That’s true for a believer in Christ as well. When our source is Christ and God’s Word, there’s an everlasting supply of everything we need to live life.

Scripture goes on to tell us that Jesus is speaking of the Holy Spirit in this verse. The Holy Spirit had not yet been given to followers of Christ at this point, but He soon would be. The Holy Spirit is likened to water, because of His cleansing and purifying work. The Spirit dwelling and working in believers, is like a fountain of living, running water. From His presence, plentiful streams flow, cooling and cleansing as water.

How are we different because of God’s Spirit living in us? We live a life of grace, which benefits ourselves and others. We become a vessel of comfort and encouragement to those around us. We grow in our relationship with God and this growth brings Him glory.

Like Multnomah Falls, God’s Spirit never dries up. He is always flowing, bringing rejuvenation to weary souls.

Do you have a relationship with God? If so, allow His Spirit to fill you so that your life is a continual source of healing and refreshment for everyone you come into contact with.

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