You Will Flourish Like the Grass


The windswept green hills of the Little Missouri National Grassland cover over one million acres of North Dakota prairie. Yes, you read that right. Well over one million acres. Not surprisingly, it is the largest grassland in the United States, containing both long and short grasses. It is a beautiful sight to see, miles and miles of green hills crossed by meandering streams and rivers.

“When you see this, your heart will rejoice and you will flourish like grass.” Isaiah 66:14a.

God’s people often went through hardship, many times because of their own doing, and Isaiah’s words brought warning to them. However, here in this verse, there’s a breath of fresh air. A time of refreshing would come.

What would cause the people’s hearts to rejoice and their lives to flourish like grass? The previous two verses promise peace, provision, security, and comfort. God is with His people, in spite of their sin and wandering, and a day is coming when they will be restored to Him. On hearing the promising future that awaits them, the people thrive, like this beautiful green grass.

We are no different today. Doesn’t good news bring us refreshment? Doesn’t the prospect of peace in a relationship, provision of a need, security in danger, or comfort in a loss cause us to rejoice?

Like the vast Little Missouri National Grassland, we flourish under the right conditions. And the right condition for us is a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Everything we could ever need or want is found in Him, and it is through Him that we grow.

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