Their Children Will Not Meet with Disaster


I don’t know that there’s anything more painful in this life than for a parent to have to watch disaster come upon their beloved child. Unfortunately, in this sinful world, it comes too often and in many forms.

When we visited Virginia’s Appomattox National Historic Park in April of 2018, my heart hurt as I looked at these graves. These young soldiers were on different sides of a battle, yet they experienced death together at far too young an age. How their parents probably grieved until their dying day, because they never had the joy of welcoming their sons home, and probably never really even knew what happened to them. It’s heartbreaking to think about.

If you’re a parent, you know all too well of suffering alongside your child. When they hurt, you hurt – and you probably hurt more than they do. Whether it’s disaster brought on by their actions, someone else’s actions, or just part of living in a sinful world, it’s painful.

“Their children will not meet with disaster. I will bless them and their descendants for all time to come.” Isaiah 65:23b.

Parents, be encouraged! It won’t always be this way! Isaiah’s prophecy here tells us there’s a day coming when the days of disaster will be over! For all of us who are in Christ and our children as well!

Disease, death, disaster, destruction, depression will be done away with. A mom will no longer have to say “goodbye” to her sweet little one with cancer. A dad will no longer have to visit his beloved child in prison. Families will not be separated by war or sickness or death. We won’t have to watch our children suffer because of bad decisions or sin. It’s not that way now, but it will be.

What a wonderful promise to read and remember – “I will bless them and their descendants for all time to come.” Until then, let’s love our children unconditionally, pray for them continually, always point them to Christ, and live lives of hope, because a better day IS coming!

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