There’s No Place Like Home


We have been blessed to be able to see some of the prettiest places in the world while on our travels, and God-willing, we have plenty more we want to see. But I don’t know if there is a more beautiful place to me than home.

This is my favorite view from our neighborhood walks. No matter what time of day or what time of year we see it, it’s always amazing.

Sunrise is glorious; sunset even more so, as color fills the sky. Clouds and storms can be dramatic, and clear days are heavenly. The green of spring and summer, the colors of fall, and the barrenness of winter are each beautiful in their own way. Boats, as well as lakeside homes, entertain our entire community with the best ever impromptu fireworks shows on Independence Day, as well as other holidays.

But maybe I love this view mostly because it’s home.

“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.” Isaiah 32:18.

When you think of “home,” hopefully you think of good things- peace, rest, security. And although it’s good to feel that way about your earthly home, that doesn’t begin to compare with your security in Christ and your heavenly home.

As we all know, our earthly homes aren’t always places of peace, rest, and security. Bad things happen, and at times, our lives are shattered, leaving us feeling vulnerable no matter where we are.

The only place of true security is in a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is in fellowship with Him that we find true peace and rest, no matter what is happening around us.

We should strive to make our homes as joyful and happy as possible, but sometimes life kicks us and our families in the teeth. However, if Jesus Christ is the center and foundation of our homes, we will find that no matter what happens, security and peace will be found there. I’m thankful that Christ is my everlasting refuge!

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