Mightier than the Breakers of the Sea


The day we visited Schoodic Point, in Maine’s Acadia National Park, we were treated to an amazing show of the power of God. The waves pounded the rocks, erupting in fountains of water up to fifty feet tall. The sea would swirl for a few minutes and then, boom! Without warning, it was as if a geyser was erupting, spewing water high into the air. Several of these eruptions would occur, one right after the other, and then the ocean would return to its swirling motion.

Being from the south, where the waves roll onto the sand, we had never seen the might of the ocean in this way, as the surges crashed against the rocks.

“Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea– the LORD on high is mighty.” Psalm 93:4.

Here, the writer is telling of the might of God. The ocean is an intimidating, and often destructive, force. That is one reason we are so in awe of it. It can neither be contained nor controlled by man. Yet, the One who created it and controls it is also mightier than it. He is over it, and it does His bidding. He can calm it, separate it and even walk on it.

Often, the writers of Scripture used the ocean to represent in their writings the nations and kings of the world. Our God also reigns over every nation and every king. He uses them, even when they are unaware of what He is doing.

The sea is a reminder to us of the power and glory of God. He reigns over it and all of nature. He rules over every nation and every person. In addition, He is sovereign over our circumstances and allows only what is for our eventual good and His glory.

The God who created this magnificent sea can surely be trusted with our lives, families, and situations.

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