The Revelation of Your Words Brings Light


The Walkway Over the Hudson is an incredible pedestrian bridge that spans this beautiful and historic river, allowing guests to actually walk from one riverbank to the other.
The early October evening we visited was pleasantly warm and comfortable. It had been a somewhat cloudy afternoon, but as we came to the end of our walk, the sun began to peek through the clouds as it sunk lower in the sky. This sight of the dimly lit walkway going towards the light of the sun reminded me of the way my life seems sometimes, and it looked like a word picture of how God’s Word gives light to our daily journey.
“The revelation of Your words brings light and gives understanding to the inexperienced.” Psalm 119:130.
We often find ourselves walking in uncertainty. The circumstances of our lives cause us to question which way we should go. But when God reveals His truth to us through His Word, our pathway becomes more clear and the way we should go becomes evident.
There are times in this life that I feel so inexperienced; in fact, the older I become, the more I am at a loss as to why things happen and how I should respond. But God’s Word brings wisdom and guidance and gives me answers where they are needed and confidence where answers are unnecessary.
It may often feel like we are fumbling around in the darkness, looking for the next step to take, but the follower of Christ has an unfailing resource upon which to depend – the Word of God. As we read, study, and meditate on it, we will find our pathway light up, one step at a time.

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