Dying and Yet We Live On

Image may contain: plant, flower, tree, outdoor and nature

The garden on the grounds of the Franklin D. Roosevelt House goes on and on and is so pretty, a picture cannot begin to do it justice. I love gardens and have one of my own, where I love to spend time nurturing and coaxing colorful blooms.

But there comes a season that no matter what I do, my plants not only refuse to bloom, but they insist on dying. If I didn’t know better, I would be disheartened by this. After all the time and resources I’ve invested in my flowers, just to have them wither away to nothing seems like such a waste. I might even be tempted to give up. But I happen to have gardened long enough to know a little something about the cycle, and that the apparent death of this year’s flowers is actually the beginning of the abundance of next year’s.

“…Dying, and yet we live on…” 2 Corinthians 6:9.

This is an amazing truth – it is through death that everlasting life came. It is through the crucifixion and the tomb of Christ that a mansion now awaits me in Heaven. When death seemed darker than ever before, Christ’s resurrection and victory over it brought eternal light to every soul who would call upon Him. And it is through dying to myself that I truly begin to live.

So when I see my flowers die at the end of the season, I know that an abundant harvest awaits just a few months down the road. It’s a reminder to me that Christ always brings life from death.

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